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Television Without Pity : LJ Style

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Television Without Pity : LiveJournal Style
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Have you ever read a television recap site and thought, 'Hey, they could have done better than THAT!' Possibly because it was obvious that the recapper didn't LIKE the show they were recapping? Or, maybe their heart just wasn't in it? Or they just didn't see things YOUR way?

Here at twoplj, you don't have that problem because the recappers here LOVE the shows they're recapping and do it out of that love for their favorite shows. Expect snark, squee and sometimes a little "WTF?!" just like you would if YOU were reviewing your show. Membership is open, but only the people listed can do the actual recaps. Feel free to comment to each recap, as the recapper would LOVE to hear your thoughts, but please remember: NO FLAMES. The banhammer comes swiftly around here. Above all, enjoy!

twoplj_forum: To discuss the recaps and the shows themselves

For more information, please see: Television Witihout Pity

Click the show name to be taken to the 'tag' for that show.

24: riskoblivion
America's Next Top Model: sabah
Battlestar Galactica: dork_wesley
Bones: ambisis
Dancing with the Stars: dork_wesley
Drive: wiccanbuffy
Eli Stone: riskoblivion
Grey's Anatomy: opium_lips
Heroes: voodoobanshee & mnstrz
House: moofoot
Lost: nautnee
Miami Ink: guidy_goodness
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: anak_ko
Nip/Tuck: wiccanbuffy
One Tree Hill: superstarweirdo
Smallville: wiccanbuffy
Supernatural: nautnee
The Shield: daves_raves
The Unit: riskoblivion
Veronica Mars: daves_raves